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How to Fix Residential Door Lock?
How to Fix Residential Door Lock?

We generally don't prefer to call a locksmith until it is too hard for us. When the job is out of our range, then calling a locksmith is the only option. But there are some residential door lock problems that appear in daily life which mustn't be ignored. And the most interesting thing is, you can solve these problems at your home, on your own. You may need some regular tools. Let's see what those problems are and how to solve them.

What if A Key Gets Broken inside the Door Lock?

What if A Key Gets Broken inside the Door Lock

In most cases, due to rust, the key gets damaged for a long time. Eventually, day by day after applying pressure, the key reaches its limit, breaks, and gets stuck inside the lock. For locksmiths, this job will be completed within minutes, visit here for more info. They use 'Broken Key Extraction' to remove that piece. You can buy it too. You can use pliers or forceps to remove it. But don't even try to touch the door handle until you remove all the pieces from the lock. Moving the door handle can break or hamper the internal parts of the lock. Use your spare key or weld the broken pieces.

While Applying Key in the Lock, The Lock Cylinder is Rotating Itself Too. How to Solve?

This problem also occurs after using a lock for a long time. The door lock system has some parts like a latch plate, faceplate, set screw which holds everything tightly including the lock cylinder. After using it for a long time, every machine part gets damaged or loosened. This is the reason why the lock cylinder is rotating along with the key. This is the easiest solution ever. Unscrew the lock and tighten every part of the door lock, especially the set screw and faceplate. If necessary, replace those with new ones.

Why Is My Door's Lock Cylinder Not Going into The Lock Hole?

Why Is My Door's Lock Cylinder Not Going into The Lock Hole

If you are facing this kind of problem, first check your door hinges and door screws. Due to the wrong fixation of these screws, the door alignment gets wrong. This may be a reason why you can't adjust the lock cylinder into the lock hole. If not, then the problem is with the lock cylinder alignment. If there is a misalignment then the responsible party is strike plate. The set screw is attached with a strike plate that holds the lock cylinder in the proper horizontal direction. If the set screw gets loosened somehow then misalignment happens. By tightening the strike plate, you can solve these problems.

Why Key is Not Getting in The Lock?

It happens sometimes that the key is not going fully in the lock. The reason is one on the latch plate. The best solution to reduce the jam is to apply lubricant. But using the right lubricant is also necessary, either the lock parts may be hampered. WD 40 and graphite lubricant will be best for this purpose. You can also tighten the screws properly. Due to loose screws, the keyway gets jammed.

These are the common problems which can be solved by you in minutes. Buy a DIY tool kit. It will help you to solve these problems by supplying the necessary tools.