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What Kind of Glass for Railing
What Kind of Glass for Railing

People these days want everything to look even more beautiful than they normally look. Railings of the stairs are one of the examples of it. These days people use glass also to decorate it. In this article, we would talk about some kind of glasses, used for making the railings of stairs.

With edge glass

In most of the railing of stairs, people are using the glasses without any edges. These types of glasses are also known as glasses with frames. Here, all the edges of the glass are surrounded by any metallic from all around. In most cases, people use steel frames. This is so because steel provides not just the look to the whole arrangement but it is also more durable than iron.

Without edge

Without edge

In this category of glass, there are either one or more than one edges in the glass. Here either there is no metallic frame around the edges of the glass, the metallic frame boundary is open either on one edge or more than one edge to keep the edge of the glass visible. These types of glasses are used not just in the railing of the stairs but also in many types of decorating items, types of furniture etc. Here the glass in the frame can be used either annealed, laminated, tempered or any other. Let's know them too in brief.

Annealing glass

Annealing glass is a type of glass that is first molten at high temperatures. After this, the glass is cooled down slowly. Due to this slowly cooling down, the glass becomes strong enough to bear any hard impact and does not shatter easily. These types of glasses are also used at many other places other than the railing of stairs.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is also one of the very much used glass in the decoration. The best part about this glass is that it can be used even without a frame and remain very strong. The reason behind this is that the laminated glass is a combination of a chemical or metallic layer in the middle and two glass layers below and above of these layers. The benefit of this laminated glass is that even on getting any hard impact, this glass does not get broken into pieces, and instead, it just gets damaged in the form of any spider web. This type of glass can be used at many other places like railing of stairs, mirrors in the cars, windows, etc.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass can also be used for decorating the railings of stairs. Most people know it as the mobile screen protector but along with this, it is also used in many other places.


Above we got to know some of the main types of glasses used for making the railings of stairs. There are some other types of glasses also like gorilla glass, dragon glass which is even stronger than the above glasses. To know more about them, you may google them.