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Why Use Used Auto Parts?
Why Use Used Auto Parts?

Recycled auto parts are an environmentally friendly way to purchase OEM car parts. They are cheaper than brand-new parts from manufacturers, and can be found at reputable auto recyclers. You can even buy refurbished used parts at a price that's comparable to new. But before you purchase refurbished used auto parts, consider your specific car model. A used part from a different make or model of car may not fit properly, or may not function as well as a new one.

Recycled auto parts save the environment

Recycled auto parts save the environment

Recycled auto parts have many benefits for the environment. Not only are they much cheaper than new parts, but they are also almost as good. You can find recycled auto parts in most places, and most recyclers are governed by the Automotive Recyclers Association, so they uphold the highest standards of ethics and eco-friendly waste disposal. Recycled auto parts also reduce the amount of hazardous waste in the environment.

Car Wreckers Melbourne also train their employees to dismantle and repurpose used auto parts. In fact, an average totaled car still has about 12 salvageable parts. Recycled auto parts help save the environment because they are 20 to 80% cheaper than new ones, and they help protect natural areas from further exploitation. And since recycled parts are sourced from vehicles that were not used for very long, they are more durable than new ones.

They are cheaper than brand-new manufacturer parts

A used auto part is a more affordable option for car repairs than a new manufacturer part. However, you should always take care to inspect used parts before using them. If you buy new parts, you may find that they do not fit your car as well as the original. Another risk of using used auto parts is that they might not be as high quality as original manufacturer parts. Buying refurbished or used parts is another option, but refurbished parts are more expensive than their equivalent.

Used auto parts are cheaper than brand-new manufacturers parts, especially if you do not mind buying a used car. You can easily find parts that fit your car at a fraction of the price. For example, if your vehicle has a GM engine, you can buy GM parts from Penske Chevrolet of Cerritos. Purchasing used parts can save you hundreds of dollars over brand-new parts, and you can get them at an affordable price.

They are available at reputable auto recyclers

Purchasing used auto parts can be a great way to save money. Not only can you save money on the cost of new parts, but you can also find a wide variety of auto parts for your vehicle at a great price. There are many reputable auto recyclers in your area, including Chesterfield Auto Parts. Here, you can select the parts you need yourself, or you can ask for the assistance of a mechanic.

Buying used auto parts helps preserve Mother Earth. Buying recycled parts helps cut down on the mining of new steel, which will ultimately reduce the amount of waste that enters our environment. Since the majority of pre-owned car parts are in great condition, they will give your vehicle many years of reliable service. Used auto parts can be found at reputable auto recyclers for up to 60 percent off the original retail price.

They are a great source for affordable OEM parts

OEM is an abbreviation for original equipment manufacturer. These are parts that are approved by the automaker that makes them. Many of these manufacturers offer certified collision centers, such as Cline Collision Center. These collision centers use only factory-approved OEM parts and can offer customers competitive pricing and an array of choices. Purchasing OEM parts is recommended to maintain the structural integrity of a vehicle as well as its resale value.


Aside from dealerships, you can find affordable OEM parts at salvage yards. Used auto parts are great sources for remanufactured OEM parts and can provide a lower price than OEM parts. If you do not have the knowledge to identify auto parts, bring along a mechanic with you to inspect the part thoroughly. There are various price points for auto parts. OEM parts cost the most, so make sure to shop wisely. Aftermarket parts are less expensive, but often come with inferior quality. Beware of aftermarket vendors who charge separate shipping.