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What to Do When your Car Locks Up?
What to Do When your Car Locks Up?

When your car locks up, it becomes unsafe for the driver and the other people on the road. We need immediate removal of that problem.

But what to do when your car locks up? No need to bother and find some simple solutions, investigate this site.

Car locks up function is necessary as the car's basic function that helps us park the car and keep them safe from sliding.

But it becomes a problem if the car steering wheel permanently locks up we become unable to start the car if car locks up during the driving it can become dangerous for us.

What are the reasons for car locks up?

What are the reasons for car locks up

There are various reasons for the car lock up, but three reasons are most common.

• Your car steering wheel can lock up when you insert the wrong key in the ignition lock.
• While you drive the car, you turn the steering wheel frequently; it can cause your car's locks.
• The third reason for car locks up can be the problem in the ignition lock.
What to do when your car wheel locks up?
When your car locks up, first of all, find the reason and then solve it accordingly.
• First of all, check the key is the wrong key? If you insert the wrong key then take the right key, your car steering will be unlocked.
• If the problem is not the key, then it can be a problem due to frequent turns during driving. Take the jack and pull out the front side of the car with the jack.
• It will release the weight on the car steering wheel when the car front side pulls up, wiggle the car steering front and back, and keep turning the key.
• But take care do not apply much force on the steering wheel or the key; maybe you broke them. So, try it gently to unlock the steering wheel.
• If the car is still locked up, then the lubricants will help you unlock your car's steering.
• Dip the car key in the lubricant oil and insert it in the ignition lock; maybe the ignition lock is faulty. Lubricants will help you to remove the minor problems of ignition locks such as debris or dust.
• It will be helpful if you also use some lubricant oil in the base of the steering wheel. After that, try to unlock the steering wheel; it will unlock.
• You have tried all the above methods, but you cannot unlock the car steering then, call a locksmith for unlocking the car.


Never ignore the loose car steering wheel; when you see some problem, immediately remove the issue; otherwise, it can cause a very horrible accident.


Final Thoughts:

Car locks up is not the most occurring problem, but it makes us unable to use our car when it happens. So, when your car locks up, try to identify the reason and resolve it accordingly. You can resolve the issue with some simple solutions. Locksmith services should be your last preference.