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How to Sell My Car to Scrap?
How to Sell My Car to Scrap?

If you have a useless vehicle like a car, bike then do not keep it safe and just sell those vehicles to scrap. When a car gets old then it may look so ugly and do not work perfectly. Sometimes a good car does not work properly due to an accident so the best idea to sell those vehicles to scrap. If your car is declared as a scrap car then you are not driving it after that. The only you can do with that car is selling it. Here are few steps are given and just read it very carefully and you should do those processes before selling it to scrap.

The first step is informing the RTO about you are going to sell this car to scrap. The second step is you should surrender a car’s properties like RC book and number plate to the RTO. Unfortunately, if you lost your RC book then you must submit two copies of the FIR form to the RTO. Also, if that car is licensed then you should submit the insurance application to the RTO. The third step is the RTO verifies every certificate is submitted or not then when this procedure is done by the officer and your car is allowed to cut down. So these are all the steps to sell a car to scrap.

Some top tips for scrapping your car:

Some top tips for scrapping your car

When you are decided to sell your car to scrap may not give you happiness because you may have seen it as one of your family members. Also, selling it privately will take a long time and it will lead you to lose more money. It is impossible to keep it with us so selling it to scrap is the only one idea. Once you decide to sell a car then do not think much and go ahead. So just follow the below tips to sell it smoothly. Tip one is to use a legal licensed company for selling. Because some people are trying to fool you so be aware of those people. Just do some researches about that company and start your process. Tip two is making sure that Scrap Company dismantles your car in an environmentally friendly way because it is very wrong to act as if it is harmful to nature so only.

Tip three is you must get the properly recycled car from them. Make sure your fifty percent of a car is recycled and it is not broken into parts. Tip four is after getting those recycled part of your car then get the certificate of destruction from that company because that certificate leaves you from the ownership of a car. Also, you should remove all personal possessions from a car and remove the license plate and try to cancel the insurance. Then you must locate your car title for your wish. The main thing is to burn gasoline in your car. So these are all the few tips for selling a car to scrap.