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How to Roll Hair with Straightener?
How to Roll Hair with Straightener?

A hair straightener is not only for straight your hair; you can also make different hair straighter styles.

Roll hair is the best hairstyle that makes your face more charming and beautiful; women love to make roll hairstyle.

Different techniques and tools are available in the market to make roll hairstyle, but there is no perfect tool except the hair straightener.

It makes your task easy, quick, professional, and perfect than other tools.

How I make a Roll hairstyle with a straightener?

How I make a Roll hairstyle with a straightener

There is no much difference between straightening hair and making roll hairstyle except for simple differences. Follow these simple steps and make your perfect roll hairstyle.

First Step:

Start deciding which type of roll you want to make. Once you have decided about roll style, now prepare your hair for making style.

To prepare the hair, you need to shampoo your hair with any of the shampoos you already use. When you have washed your hair, apply conditioner, and apply it over all hairs.

Now take a heat protection cream and apply the cream on your hair; it will keep your hair secure if your straightener becomes hot.

After applying the protection cream, you need to dry your hair completely; for that purpose, you can also use blow-dry to dry, clean and dry hair make your task easier than wet and dirt hair.

Step Two:

Now make sections of your hair; avoid making thick sections if you want more hairstyle perfection.

You are not restricted to make how many sections; you can make any number of sections, and it depends on the thickness of your hair.

You will need to make more sections for thick hair, while fewer sections with thin hair.

Step Three:

Now prepare your straightener for making a roll hairstyle; Plug-in your hair straightener and turn its switch on. Adjust heat, keeping in mind the condition of your hair.

If your hairs are thicker or curly, you will need to set the heating level high, While you will set a low level of heat for thin and already straight soft hairs.

Step Four:

Now it's time to make a roll in your hair; when your straightener becomes hot, use it with your hair, but start from one side and make a roll for every section one by one.

When you start work with the first section, hold the section in your fingers and start moving the hair straightener from the close of the hair's roots, but do not get much close to your head skin.

When moving down, stop at a point, make a roll and then move and again stop at the next point and make a roll. Follow this process and complete one section; you may spend two to three minutes on one section.

Make a roll of every section and complete all sections one by one, but do not do work in a hurry; gently perform all job.

Step Five:

Once you have made a roll with all sections, keep the roll for long hours, use hair spray, and avoid touching your hair with your hands.

Final Thoughts:

Roll hairstyle is one of the popular women hairstyles, which become simple to make with a straightener. You can make a roll hairstyle by professionally following the above guidelines.