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How to Install Belt Drive Garage Door Opener?
How to Install Belt Drive Garage Door Opener?

Belt driven garage door opener provides the best features that make the garage door able to perform well.

The garage door opener with belt-driven function provides you noise-free use of the garage door due to no metal on metal features, here are the findings.

Belt driven garage door opener is also reliable because their maintenance is easy. After all, there is no need for lubrication.

If you are thinking about installing a belt-driven garage door opener, you will be happy to know that it is quite simple, and you can also install the belt-driven garage door opener yourself.

Why is Belt Driven Garage door opener better?

Why is Belt Driven Garage door opener better

Belt drove garage door openers to provide durable, quieter, and smoother operations. It provides you with quick and noise-free services than other garage door openers such as chain-driven garage door opener.

How long does it take to last a belt-driven garage door opener?

If you have a belt-driven garage door opener, it will provide you with longer services than the other garage door opener.

Other garage door openers' normal life span is 1 to 2 years, but a belt-driven garage door has an average life span of more than three years.

How I install the belt-driven Garage door?

How I install the belt-driven Garage door

Step One:

Before going to install the opener, check the door properly and remove all the problems. Properly lubricate the pulleys, rollers, cables, and springs of the door. It will make your work smoother.

Step Two:

Next to that, prepare the door for installing the opener; remove all the hurdles such as cords and ropes. You should make sure that you have removed all the locks and other attached things and can tangle with you while working.

Step Three:

In the next step, you need to set up the power unit and install the wiring and power setup six to seven feet above. There should be no risk of touching the unit by children.

Only adults, when they need can use it safely, or you can install the power system at the safest place according to your garage door construction.

When you install the power unit, install the push button minimum of five feet above the door; push-button is necessary to operate the gate.

Step Four:

Now install the header bracket at the middle of the door and connect it with the power unit.

Make proper adjustments to the power unit according to the push button and header bracket.

Step Five:

Now link the assembly garage door bracket with the power unit. It would help the safety that takes the wire along the ceiling to attach the power unit.

Once you have installed the assembly, verify the operations of the gate. You have installed the belt-driven garage door opener.

How to maintain a belt-driven Garage door opener?

There is no need for lubrication, but you should apply the grease on the belt-driven garage door opener link.

Cons of belt-driven garage door opener:

Only one negativity of belt-driven garage door opener is that it is a costly item. You will pay a minimum of 70 dollars more than other garage door openers.

Final Thoughts:

Belt driven garage door openers are better performer than other garage door opener. You can easily install them, and there is no need for much maintenance.