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How to Hang Garage Door Opener
How to Hang Garage Door Opener

Garage doors are bigger and heavier than the usual ones. Opening by hands can be a bit of a hard task, and to make your life a little easier and hustle free you can opt for garage door openers instead of paying someone else.

The installation is quite easy and won’t take much of your time but will serve you for years. As easy as it sounds, one must keep in mind that the installation should be done accurately to ensure proper working with safety measures.

Tools required:

Tools required

● Screwdriver sets
● Power drills
● Tape measures
● Open-end wrenches
● Ratchet and Socket sets

Materials required

● Garage door openers
● Lag bolts

The time required: 2 – 4 hours

Difficulty level: Moderate

The process:

The process
  1. Assemble the Carriage Tube: it enables the carriage to pass to the front wall of the garage from the power unit to raise and lower the door. One needs to measure and verify the required length. Adjustments if required can be done using a socket wrench or other tools.
  2. Mount Carriage tube: attach a carriage tube to the power unit in front. Support can be provided by rail clamps, which will eventually get connected to a bracket on the wall above the door. Doors might need wiring and switch installations at this point in time.
  3. Push the carriage over the tube: one can follow the directions given on the template as different models attach differently.
  4. Mount the Header Bracket: header bracket which equates to a garage door repair Burnsville MN mounting bracket ensures the secure attachment of the carriage tube to the wall. The apt location of the attachment differs from one door to another. It’s suitable if it’s close to the ceiling so lift the power unit and place it carefully on the top of the stepladder.
  5. Hanging the power unit from the ceiling: as most power units use metal straps with holes drilled already at a consistent interval and angle irons to hang on the ceiling. Using lag screws bolt the angle irons to the rafter. Mount the straps with the help of hex – head screws to the irons and then to the power unit with the hardware provided. Test several times opening the garage door to make sure that it opens clearly without any break or stuck in between.
  6. Mount the bracket that joins the arm: as carriage passes through the tube, one arm rises and lifts the garage door to open it. Fix the bracket that joins the arm to the garage door and eventually connects the arm itself. There are several variations for locating the door's exact location. For knowing it, one can refer to the manufacturer’s manual guide.
  7. Plug in safety device: all entities come with in-built safety devices that ensure that the motor can be turned off if something obstructs the ease of flowing of the door. Fix the device on each side of the door and plug it in the socket. Test the operation to know its proper working.