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How Does a House Door Lock Work?
How Does a House Door Lock Work?

There are many types of locks that we all use to keep our things and properties protected. Some of these are tumbler locks, electronic locks, etc. Today in this article we will talk about one special type of lock which we use to lock our doors. It resembles the tumbler lock. Find more about this, how these locks work to make the door open or closed with the help of keys.

Parts of Pin tumbler door lock

Parts of Pin tumbler door lock


The outer look of the door lock may look different but most of the tumbler pins look like a big round metallic case. It keeps all the other parts of the door lock inside it except the key and the fixed parts which are fixed on the door frame.


Just inside the case, there is another circular structure. This structure is called the Plug.


On the outer center of the door lock, there is a space to insert the key in the lock. This space is called the keyway.


Inside the case, there are shafts which can move up and down with the help of spring. These shafts are made up of three parts that are Spring, Driver pin, and Key pin.


The ledge is the horizontal part inside the Lock. All three shafts can rest on this Ledge.


These are the things which we all know very well and which we use to open the lock.


House Door Lock Work

The mechanism of the door lock is not as tough as it seems to be for many of the people. The keys have different patterns of ridges on their one edge. When we insert the correct key inside the keyway, it pushes all shafts upside. When all the three driver pins align with the shear line, the key and ledge can be rotated and the door lock opens. On the other hand, when we use any incorrect key with wrong patterns on ridges, the key pushes the shaft upside but all the driver pins don't align with the shear line and the lock does not get opened.

In many of the houses, there are some master keys also with which all the doors can be opened. The locks which can be opened with the master keys have a very little extra part than all the other similar locks which have only one respective key for them.

In the door lock with master keys, there is one difference in the structure of their shafts. The shafts in these door locks have one or more than one extra driver pins. Therefore when the driver pins get aligned with the shear line with the help of the main key, the door lock gets opened and when the master keys are used then the extra driver pins get aligned and the door locks get opened.

With the above discussion, you must be able to get good knowledge about the door lock and its mechanism to open or close the door. For more info, you may stay connected with us.