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5 Ways to Increase Your Website’s SEO Ranking
5 Ways to Increase Your Website’s SEO Ranking

There are many different ways to increase your SEO ranking. The first thing you need to do is make sure your site loads quickly and easily for your visitors. Slow loading websites are frustrating, so make sure yours loads within 3 seconds. Next, you want to make sure that all of the content on your website is relevant and useful to the person viewing it. If you don't include the correct information on the landing page, then they're not going to stay on your site for long enough to find what they're looking for. Here are five more tips that will help boost your rankings:

Include keywords in titles and headings

Include keywords in titles and headings

This makes it easier for search engines like Google or Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM) to find and catalog your website. This is what the person searching for this topic is looking for. Make sure you optimize your website's content so you can rank higher when someone searches for a specific topic, go to this article for more.

Use keywords in the first 150 words

This is where the majority of people make a decision on whether to click through to a site or not. If you don't include any relevant keywords here, then people aren't going to be able to find what they're looking for.  Include your keywords in the first few sentences, and keep a balance between keywords and natural sounding sentences.

Use keywords in the URL

This should be obvious, but it's surprising how many websites forget to do this. Just make sure you don't stuff them into the link in an artificial way (like using; instead of 

Link to internal pages

When you link from the homepage to another page on your site, make sure it's relevant. You want people to stay on your site as long as possible and having a bunch of keywords on your site isn't going to help you if they don't fit into the context of the page. The best thing you can do is link to relevant pages that use your keywords and will benefit the person visiting.

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Use keywords in the H1 tag

This is another place where people usually look. If your keyword isn't included here, then it's not going to help you at all.  At the same time, don't overdo it with keywords. H1 tags are an important part of your site, so make them count! You want to make sure that your website includes relevant keywords so that when people are searching for something related to your website, they can find it and click through to your site. If you don't include relevant keywords on your page, then people are going to leave quickly since they won't be able to find what they're looking for. Make sure that when you add content to your site, it's useful and relevant so that people stay on the page long enough to find what they need.

Final Words

Keep in mind that it starts with a well-designed site and content. Next, make sure the landing page is relevant to what they were looking for when they landed on your site. Make sure all of the information on the landing page is correct so that visitors stay around long enough to find what they're searching for. If you follow these steps, then chances are you'll be able to improve your rankings by following simple best practices!