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Tickets Information for the 2021 Masters Golf Live
Tickets Information for the 2021 Masters Golf Live

Watching the Masters live on the golf course is truly an amazing experience. And every golf fan dreams of that. To attend the event you have to purchase the tickets in advance.

Though not everyone can have their hands on the ticket. Due to any reason, if you don't go to the Club, you can watch 2021 Masters Golf Live on your device.

Tickets for The Masters 2021

Tickets for The Masters 2021

This year in The Masters Golf Tournament only a limited number of patrons will be allowed. This is due to the ongoing global pandemic. But it's good news that they're at least allowing some fans. It was heartbreaking for fans when they got to know that no fans are allowed to the tournament.

However, this year the scenario is different. We are getting used to the new normal. So, Augusta National Club will take lots of safety measures and let few patrons join the event. They care about our love for golf but also concerns about our safety. So this is the best way.

This year the cost of practice rounds tickets was $75. And the cost for daily tournament tickets was $115. Additionally, you have to pay extra money if you purchase any merchandise from the club during the event.

Now if you're thinking of purchasing the ticket, sorry to say, but you are late. The ticketing process starts a year before the tournament. The tickets for 2021 The Masters were sold from June 1 to June 21 of 2020. It happens every year. You will be able to purchase tickets for the 2022 Masters golf from 1st June 2021.

Though a massive number of people purchased tickets for the event, not everyone will have the chance to attend the event. There will be a lottery system to select the patrons. However, you can always watch 2021 Masters Golf Live here.

How You Will Get Your Refund

You may be thinking that you bought the ticket, but if you don't get selected what will happen to your money. Not to worry patrons. Everyone will get a full refund from the Augusta National Golf Club.

However, if you're not selected for 2021, you can purchase the same tickets for 2022. And you will be attending the event if the situation allows. But you can not cancel your refund and get a direct ticket for 2022.

The refund process will be automatic. Within 45-60 business days, you should expect to get your refund. Though your bank can take up to 90 days to transfer the amount to your account.

If the credit you used to purchase the ticket is not active now, you will receive a check issued to your name in your address. And don't forget to book your ticket for the 2022 Masters Golf Tournament on the 1st of June 2021.

Final Thoughts

We all want to be in Augusta National Golf Club during the tournament. But it is what it is. Safety for patrons is always the first concern. So, if you failed to get your ticket for the 2021 Masters Golf, we wish you the best of luck for the 2022 Masters Golf Tournament.